FREE for Players - You must use your college or university email (.edu) to participate


Open to all students and staff of participating North American Colleges and Universities


PLAYER Registration

Step 1. Click the Registration Link below to go to the tournament page on GYO Score.


Step 2. Create an account on GYO with your student email.

Step 3. Click Join on the games and tier that you want to participate in.  You may participate in all 3 games but only in one tier - casual OR competitive.


If your school is not available in the drop down then choose to register as a free agent.  You may join your school after they are registered into our system


Your FREE registration covers:

     Registration in one tier of each game of the quarantine cup.

     Daily matches April 20-22.  Playoffs for qualifying players April 24-25

Prizes include Esports Jerseys, Gaming Gift Cards, Food Delivery Gift Cards.  Competitive tier winners include custom Esports jerseys complete with player names.


Contact us at

3 Games.

1 Week.

free entry*

Tons of prizes!





3 DAYS of GROUP PLAY for each game  

APRIL 20-22


APRIL 24-25

Each game will have two tiers.  Players must choose between Casual and Competitive tiers but may participate in one tier from each game.

     Competitive tiers for varsity players and

        those who want to rise to the challenge.

     Casual tiers for fun loving gamers. 

Top players from each school and overall leaderboards PLAY for the cup April 24-25.

SCHOOL Registration

(for admin & Staff)


*Registration fees waived for schools unable to pay because of frozen spending due to COVID-19.

Student Activities, Esports Staff, Athletic Departments, and Residence Life are all eligible to create accounts.  1 University account recommended.

Your $200 registration fee* covers:

     Setup for your school's Student Activities Esports Portal in our tournament software, GYO Score. 

     Unlimited student and staff registration for all games in the 2020 Taikai Quarantine Cup.

Global competition prizes.**

**Schools can supply extra prize pool money for Taikai to purchase custom prizes just for the school's top player(s) if desired.

Your school's players will be registered under your custom tournament webpage giving your full access to each player.



Add additional playoffs just for your campus

ADD Campus Playoffs

- add $300+ to supercharge takai for you

For only $300 more you'll get your own campus playoffs between the top players at your school only with prizes for the winners of every game fulfilled by us! You'll also get campus leaderboards so that all participants can see who they need to beat!  Of course, if you want to really ratchet up the fun factor you can kick even more into the prize pool.  Every dollar over your $300 supercharge will go directly into prize fulfillment for your students!  Want the winners to receive a Nintendo Switch or want to give the top 10 $50 Steam gift cards? We can do that!  

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